10 Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

10 Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

Whether you live in or near St. Augustine, or maybe even on vacation you will need to eat at one of our best restaurants in St. Augustine. In this restaurant guide, you will find pizza, Italian, subs, Southern, Chinese, and seafood restaurants that you will have to try. 

Best Pizza Restaurant-Pizza Time in St. Augustine

Best Pizza Restaurant-Pizza Time in St. Augustine

Pizza Time is one of Saint Augustine’s eateries that serves up some of the best Brooklyn-style pizza. Pizza Time offers both whole pies and slices of pizza. It is a restaurant on St. George Street in the historic district of Saint Augustine.

Pizza Time is renowned for its thin-crust New York Style pies made with premium ingredients. Observe that this eatery only accepts cash. You can easily find this gem in the Spanish Plaza because of the long line outside. They even have a banner stating that according to TripAdvisor, their pizza is the second-best in the country!

Pizza Time also offers calzones, salads, antipasti, olives, and garlic knots. Try a few of the various options from the wide selection of pizzas that are exhibited in the glass case by the slice. Even gluten-free choices are available!

Best Southern Food Restaurant in St. Augustine-The Floridian

Best Southern Food Restaurant in St. Augustine-The Floridian

One of Saint Augustine, Florida’s top dining establishments is The Floridian, which frequently receives high ratings. They emphasize southern cuisine made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients and offer a wide variety of vegetarian options.

The food at The Floridian changes periodically depending on their farm, fish, and artisan partners, which gives it a distinctive flavor. Thus, every time they come, diners are wowed!

One of the restaurants in Saint Augustine that offers both indoor and outdoor seating is this one. Small meals like pickled pepper shrimp, fried green tomatoes, and a cheese board are popular items on the menu.

The number of salads might pass for dinners! Try the citrus beet salad or the summer salad. The main courses include ‘N Grits with freshly caught Florida shrimp or tofu, Fresh Catch Nicoise, Dixie Burger, and ‘N Waffles with BBQ pulled pork!

Best Ambiance Restaurant in St. Augustine- Conch House

Best Ambiance Restaurant in St. Augustine- Conch House

Are you trying to find a restaurant with the nicest ambiance in Saint Augustine? Head to the Marine Resort’s Conch House. You can enjoy Caribbean cuisine while dining al fresco while looking out over Salt Run.

Lunch, supper, and breakfast are all served at The Conch House. You can eat outside on the deck shaded by palm trees, inside a Jamaican hut, or even on the covered patio area.

Favorite dishes on the menu include the Island Hopper Salad, Banana Pepper Calamari, Smoked Fish Dip, and Bahamian conch fritters. Try the salt run fresh catch of the day, lobster mac n’ cheese, Jamaican jerk chicken, or St. Augustine fried datil chicken for your main dish.

Best Restaurant on the Beach-Sunset Grille

Best Restaurant on the Beach-Sunset Grille

If you’re looking for a restaurant on the beach in Saint Augustine, Sunset Grille is one of the best options! Since its humble origins as a beachside shack, Sunset Grill has been a mainstay on A1A known for its straightforward and delectable cuisine for the past 30 years.

If you’re seeking for some of the finest seafood in the region, you’ll adore the prestigious dishes like the Minorcan Conch Chowder, Coconut Shrimp, Sunset Datil Wings, and Dand Datil Shrimp. The sunset grouper, Caribbean Snapper or Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi, and Redfish Creole are among the local catches.

A sizable open balcony is located upstairs, and there is also inside space on the lower level as well as outdoor seating downstairs. There are many options available for people who do not enjoy fish, such as Mexican rice bowls, ribs, and hamburgers.

Preserved-Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

Preserved-Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

Preserved is a member of the Strive restaurant group, which aspires to provide some of Saint Augustine’s best cuisine. Preserved is a high-end restaurant that serves Southern-style food and was only opened in 2016. Preserved is one of Saint Augustine’s top restaurants for transparent dining, and it is situated in the city’s historic district.

At the intersection of Bridge Street and MLK Boulevard, in the historic Jefferson House, chef Ben Zimmerman prepares delicious meals. It is strongly advised to make reservations if you intend to eat here.

The menu changes seasonally because Chef Zimmerman only employs the finest, locally sourced foods. The charcuterie board, raw east coast oysters, and seafood plateaux with oysters, Mayport shrimp, mussels, and house cocktail sauce are some of the dishes that customers particularly enjoy.

Shepherd’s pie with vegetables, mussels and frites, shrimp and grits from Mayport, bouillabaisse with regional fish, and braised beef short ribs are some of the entree options. Be sure to spare room for desserts like creme brûlée, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate peanut butter cake.

In addition to biscuit and gravy, quiche, salmon Benedict, spiced apple french toast, and steak and eggs, Preserved also delivers the best brunch in Saint Augustine.

Schooners-Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

Schooners-Best Restaurants in St. Augustine

For the past 28 years, Schooners Seafood House has provided food to residents of Saint Augustine. Every day from Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm, they are open for lunch and dinner.

For daily specialties like Monday’s fried fish or Friday and Saturday night’s prime rib, see the website. The tastiest meal in Saint Augustine consists of the catch of the day, presented grilled or blackened with two sides and local fried oysters and scallops.

You must eat the Captain’s Platter for two, which includes fish, shrimp, scallops, oysters, crab cakes, and clam strips, or the acclaimed Minorcan Clam Chowder for dinner.

In Saint Augustine, seafood is the main cuisine, and Schooners has some of the best options.

Casa Maya

Casa Maya

One of the top spots in Saint Augustine for Mexican cuisine is Casa Maya. Visit this Mexican Seafood and Tequila Bar if you’re seeking restaurants in Saint Augustine’s downtown.

Visits are worthwhile for both the meal and the drinks. On Friday and Saturday nights, Casa Maya offers a late-night happy hour from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., making it the ideal late-night venue for food and beverages.

One of the top restaurants in Saint Augustine is Casa Maya, where the cocktails are a must-try. Choose from the Hibiscus Flowerita, Pina Chicoloda, Red Sangria, Smoke and Fire with Jalapeno-infused tequila, Casa Mayarita, and Smoke and Fire.

Casa Maya offers a variety of breakfast options, including a morning torta, huevos rancheros, a vegetarian omelet, organic sweet potato pancakes, and a hangover brunch for those who partied the night away at Dos Gatos in St. Augustine. The best breakfast in Saint Augustine is this one!

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Tortas with beef brisket, tacos with fresh catch, carnitas, al pastor, shrimp, or tempe are available for lunch and dinner. Served with tortilla chips, guacamole, ceviche, a vegetarian green burrito or adobo tempeh, seafood paella, or hanger steak, the cocteles with shrimp and octopus are a delicious supper option.

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Forgotten Tonic

Forgotten Tonic

One of Saint Augustine, Florida’s “hidden gem” eateries is Forgotten Tonic. They specialize in serving American comfort cuisine with modernized drinks and wine in the historic arts neighborhood.

From 3 to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, stop by for a happy hour. You can get a lot of beer, wine, cocktails, and nibbles like Montenegro meatballs and truffle fries.

With unusual options and drink names like Bad and Bouzee, I can’t even, Raising Cane, and Vote for Pedro, the cocktail menu is extensive. Along with a wide selection of beers including Cigar City, a wine list, and a complete bar!

Salads and a curried butternut squash soup are available in addition to tuna tartare, bruschetta, baked brie, and fried green tomatoes as appetizers. Pasta primavera, chicken Beverly, blackened Cobia, filet, and pan-seared scallops are some of the dinner options.



If you’re looking for a restaurant in Saint Augustine that serves healthy meals, consider Crave. They are centered on salads, wraps, smoothies, and bowls and are situated close to San Sebastian Winery. They initially operated a food truck with a waterfront dining terrace and picnic tables, and they now operate a brick-and-mortar establishment in the same location.

Favorite smoothies include nectar of the Gods, first date, and matcha love, to name a few. You can even create your own! They offer grilled shrimp island bowls, nacho tempeh bowls, and summer zoodle bowls as meals. Build-your-own wraps with vegetables, protein, sauces, and other ingredients are also available.

The majority of the cuisine offered at Crave Restaurant is produced locally, and they place an emphasis on providing tasty, healthy options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free diners.

You’ll concur that this is among the top waterfront eateries in Saint Augustine!

Raintree Restaurant

Raintree Restaurant

Dine in a renovated 1879 Colonial Victorian home with a spacious Florida Courtyard when you visit Raintree Restaurant. This restaurant offers some of the best cuisine in Saint Augustine and is great for supper, breakfast, or dessert.

The Raintree Restaurant, which serves fusion cuisine from the Mediterranean, Asia, and the United States, has been hailed as one of Saint Augustine, Florida’s top eateries since 1981. Locals, however, claim that the dessert menu and Beef Wellington are what keep them coming back.

The Raintree charcuterie board, the Bang Bang Shrimp Castillo, and the Bacon and Blue Cheese fries for appetizers are further menu items worth trying. Pastas, the fresh catch of the day, lobster champagne butter, panko, and fish that has been blackened with feta are all available. There is Kobe beef available if you want one of Saint Augustine’s top burgers!

There is homemade meatloaf, pork schnitzel, chicken zingara, roasted duck, and prime rib au jus if you’re not in the mood for seafood.

Warm chocolate dome cake, bourbon bread pudding, key lime pie, cappuccino ice cream crepes, cinnamon banana crepes, and beverages like the nutty Irishman with Baileys and Frangelicos, the Grasshopper with Creme de Menthe, and the Cinnabun with Fireball are available as Raintree desserts.

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  1. Hey there, thanks for your post. I was looking for a seafood restaurant in St. Augustine (travelling there soon). Schooners and Preserved look like my best options for the menus but I have a couple of questions.

    Is the picture of Schooners deceiving me? I mean, is it just the sign and the restaurant itself is out of shot? Or is the dreary looking building on the left the restaurant?

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    1. The picture was taken from the side of the building, so we could see the sign in the picture. St. Augustine is a big historical district that still uses original buildings instead of building brand new ones. This gives travelers a chance to dine as they did back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

  2. Thank you for sharing the 10 Best Restaurants in St. Augustine!

    I have never been to St. Augustine before, but just reading this, I will definitely visit one day!

    One restaurant that caught my eye already is the Pizza Time restaurant. I love pizza and try pizza everywhere i go. 

    Out of all these, which is your favorite?

    1. Pizza restaurants are a good choice for pizza lovers and families traveling with kids. Due to me living within a 2-hour drive of St. Augustine, I have dined at several of these restaurants’ multiple times, and out of these 10, the Schooners Seafood House is my favorite as I love seafood. 

  3. The best way to enjoy life is having a taste of diverse culture including food. Although I have not visited St Augustine before, but your list of restaurants gives me an insight into what I can have on my table. Schooners Seafood House long standing history of 28 years in business shows they will  be a good place to visit 

    1. If you ever get to visit St. Augustine, I recommend trying one of these restaurants as their food is delicious. 

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