5 thoughts on “20 Best Things to Do in Atlanta Georgia”

  1. You have covered a lot of attractions in one article.  We are planning a trip this summer which will take us across the center of the US.  We have to decide on whether to use a northern or southern route to return home.  We are doing more research on most of the things you have suggested.  (The one I think we wouldn’t survive is the Segway tour.) The convenient booking tool you have included will be a big help.  Thanks for suggesting these attractions.  

  2. We are currently planning a holiday to visit friends in Georgia and were looking at incorporating Atlanta in our trip. So you have convinced me that Atlanta should definitely be on your route. With so many attraction and things to do in Atlanta, there is something for everybody in the family to enjoy. 

    Doing a tour of Atlanta will help to orientate us and see as much as possible, without having to drive ourselves. I will be sharing this post with our friends so that we can all list the top thing we would like to see and do. 

  3. Thank you for a great review of Atlanta best places to visit. When you plan to visit some places and can learn before that, it makes your travel way more interesting and enjoyable. As I can see, there are all types of activities available there, such as zoo, aquarium, trolley tour, ocean voyager, first-time flyer experience and more. Have you ever visited any of those places? 

  4. Atlanta is a great city to visit.  Tons of things to do but your site highlighted multiple things that I didn’t know about and would definitely consider on my next visit.  Coca Cola and the aquarium are favorites but look forward to checking out the Center puppetry and Lego land.  Thanks for the heads up.  Dave  

  5. I’ve been meaning to visit Atlanta and your post has given me more than enough reasons to want to get it booked! Do you out of your ’20 best things to do’ have an absolute must see/do? 

    I might only manage a day by myself, so would be great to get your opinion.

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