9 Best Things To Do in Cozumel

9 Best Things To Do in Cozumel

Most visitors come to Cozumel to dive into the shallow reefs and relax on its beaches; experienced divers tend to flock to the northern beaches, while families looking for soft sands and calm waters head to the southern beaches. Travelers with an affinity for nature can discover what the Mayans left behind at the San Gervasio Ruins or go hiking through the Punta Sur Ecological Park.

Cozumel #2 on our 10 Best Beaches in Mexico 2022

#1 Cozumel Boat Tours-Best Things To Do in Cozumel

9 Best Things To Do in Cozumel

A trip to Cozumel is incomplete without a boat ride (or two) around the island’s stunningly blue waters. Most travelers agree that chartering a boat is worth the time and money, whether it’s to scuba dive through some of Cozumel’s magnificent reefs or to enjoy the scenery during a sunset sail simply. 

Travelers rave about ScubaTony Cozumel, which specializes in taking small groups on scuba diving excursions in the reefs around Cozumel. The boat trips start at $90 per person for a four- to five-hour roundtrip. The fee includes fresh fruit and drinks and marine park taxes and fees. Rental gear is extra. Recent visitors have described their experiences with ScubaTony as “perfect,” “flawless,” and “sublime.” 

Another popular tour operator in Chile is Charters, which offers scuba diving, snorkeling, and sunset boat trips. The cost of a three-hour snorkeling trip starts at around $52. The fee includes all the equipment and refreshments, such as water and soda. Scuba diving trips with Chili Charters start at $90. Chili Charters travelers feel that the company is well organized, and the staff knows the reefs like the back of their hands.

#2 Faro Celerain Eco Park-Best Things to Do in Cozumel

Faro Celerain Eco Park

A trip to Faro Celerain Eco Park is a must if you love wildlife. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is located on Cozumel’s southern tip. The 2,500 acres are home to exotic birds, crocodiles, and sea turtles. Don’t let the animals distract you from all the other things the park has to offer. Discover the eco park’s two lighthouses, dating back to pre-Hispanic times. The area also has a museum detailing the history of the Maya and pirates and corsairs who once inhabited the area. A catamaran tour of the Colombia lagoon is also available. 

According to recent visitors, the beach park offers a mix of history and nature in a beautiful setting. The white sands and peaceful atmosphere of the beach are considered perfect by most visitors. 

#3 Palancar Beach -Best Things To Do in Cozumel

Cozumel’s Palancar Beach is renowned for its water sports, especially kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and diving. You can grab some grub at nearby restaurants and bars and book a dive charter. For cruise passengers looking to escape a pre-arranged excursion, Palancar Beach and Palancar Reef are highly recommended. 

Similarly, just offshore, Palancar Gardens has been described as an excellent spot for divers of all levels. Even if you’re an experienced diver, you’ll save time and hassle by renting a charter. Divers are permitted to dive independently, but we recommend hiring local experts familiar with the diving terrain. Others say it’s a must-do, even if you’re only planning to skim the surface of the Palancar Shallows.  

It is located on the southwest side of the island, about 13 miles south of San Miguel de Cozumel, and may be reached by taxi. You don’t have to pay to enter Palancar, but you’ll probably want to spend the $10 it costs for an umbrella and lounger.

#4 Cozumel’s Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a famous beach on the western side of the island. Families, couples, locals, tourists, and cruise ship passengers flock to this beach, so expect a lot of crowds. The pristine shoreline offers soft sand, turquoise waters, a pool, a restaurant, and shopping (you can get a bathing suit, sandals, and other beach necessities at three stores along the shore). For $3, you get access to all facilities and a chair at the beach or pool. For about $18, you can purchase a Fun Pass and use inflatable toys, water trampolines, a coconut tree climb, kayaks, snorkeling gear, and stand-up paddleboards. With a $10 minimum, food and beverage service is also available poolside and on the beach. 

Paradise Beach was described as an enjoyable way to spend the day, especially since no people were hawking their goods or services. There were also comments about how friendly and helpful the staff is and how clean the facilities are. 

The beach is open daily from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., depending on the season. It costs $3 for adults and $18 for a Fun Pass, which gives access to various water activities throughout the day. For more information about Paradise Beach, visit the website.

#5 Discover Mexico Park

Don’t you have time to see all of Mexico’s sites? Visit Discover Mexico Park. This park is located along the coast just south of San Miguel. It houses miniature models of some of Mexico’s top attractions, like the Mayan ruins in Tulum and the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City. There is also a chocolate factory and a tequila tasting exhibit, which provide insight into Mexican culture. 

Many recent visitors said it’s a great place to visit if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to see and learn about Mexico. Many travelers praised the park’s friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, while others recommended the tequila tasting. 

#6 Stingray Beach

Stingray Beach offers the same interactive experience like scuba diving, but without the heavy gear (or the price tag). At this facility in San Miguel, you can get up close and personal with undersea creatures and swim among them. And don’t worry about getting stung: the rays’ barbs are clipped so that you won’t get stung. 

In recent visits, visitors described the rays as beautiful and mellow, and the staff as respectful of the animals and reassuring to humans. There is a warning that this popular place can get crowded in the morning, so it is best to go here first thing in the morning.

#7 Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park

In Mayan, Chankanaab means “small sea,” The outdoor park is named for its coastal cenote, which offers diving and snorkeling tours, dolphin encounters, and a relaxing beach. There are also zip lining and tequila factory tours, gardens, nature trails, and picturesque grounds for both exploring and relaxing. There is even a spa on the property. 

The park’s diving opportunities received rave reviews from recent visitors, who agree that it is the perfect place for families and groups since there is something for everyone. Reviewers noted that it was a touristy experience with an inflated price tag, but most said it was fun.  

The admission fee includes dolphin and sea lion shows and beach access. It costs $21 for adults and $14 for children ages 4 to 12. It’s best to get to the beach early and find a spot under a palapa (thatched shelter). Chankanaab is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. It is about a 10-minute ride from the cruise ship terminal just south of San Miguel. 

#8 San Gervasio Ruins

Women visited this shrine in central Cozumel to honor their goddess of love and fertility, Ixchel. Today, you can pay a tribute by taking a tour of this ruin; admission is $9.50. Previous guests recommend visiting San Gervasio if you’ve never seen ruins before. Companies like Cozumel Tours can tour the ruins, but you could save time and money by taking a taxi to the area and exploring on your own. 

#9 El Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

Learn more about Cozumel’s history at this excellent museum in downtown San Miguel, which underwent a complete renovation in 2019. Cozumel Island Museum, a former luxury hotel, features 11 interactive exhibits that cover everything from the island’s ecosystems to its development and conservation issues to old Mayan and Spanish colonial artifacts. The museum also had exhibitions on Cozumel’s cultural and economic development in the 20th century.

Guests particularly enjoyed the museum for the opportunity to learn about the island’s history while still having time for the beach and water sports. Several reviewers enjoyed the temporary exhibit rooms, which displayed the work of local and international artists and the history of Carnaval celebrations on the island. You should be able to see everything within an hour or two, so you’ll have plenty of time left for other activities.

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