About Us

About US

About Us 

My name is Jannette, the owner of theusatraveler.com and when you read the reference about us that means my spouse included. I love to travel & see different places. I used to travel for work as a truck driver until April 2023 when I had two minor strokes resulting in seizures and knocking me out of driving a truck.  

I am extremely thankful that I did not lose my memory and mobility as so many have long-lasting effects from strokes that result in memory loss, mobility issues, along with paralysis.  

I drove as a team member with my husband across the United States. When we were not on a road and had spare time we would rent cars, book tours, and explored the area where we were waiting on our next load.  

We did not like staying in our truck at nasty truck stops, and now with changes to my health that still impaired my mobility a little, I rely on my memory and blog for income. 

So, therefore, I’m hoping the content published on my blog and the books that I publish will help you choose your next location to visit in the future.