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Bar Harbor Travel Guide

Bar Harbor Travel Guide

As the gateway to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, has enjoyed a centuries-long reputation as a scenic haven that combines all the best of the state. The location along Frenchman Bay means that travelers are treated to soothing views of the water left and right and craggy coastlines that are straight out of a landscape painting. In addition, there are some of the best whale-watching tours in Maine from here. Furthermore, the town has a unique charm that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook. Finger-licking local lobster will certainly snap you back into reality. Reset and marvel at the basics at this place:

  • Enjoy a pleasant stroll.
  • Watch the water sway as the day fades.
  • Enjoying tasty local grub.

All of that is possible in Bar Harbor.  


Best Months to Visit

From June to August is the best time to visit Bar Harbor. Since Maine is located at the northernmost point of the U.S., it enjoys cool weather year-round. Therefore, the best time to explore the greater Bar Harbor area is when it is warm and sunny. There will be far fewer visitors to Acadia National Park during the fall and spring if you don’t mind cooler temperatures. If you like the cold, you can also visit during the winter. During this period, not only will temperatures dip to the teens, but the region will be covered with snow, which makes traveling more difficult.


How to Save Money in Bar Harbor


  • Visit during the shoulder seasons. Since Bar Harbor is so far north, summer is the most popular time to visit. Before and after those months, temperatures dip low fast, so you may score travel discounts if you book a stay during those months.
  • Take the Island Explorer This free shuttle bus takes visitors through Bar Harbor and various points of interest in Acadia National Park, including Jordan Pond and the Schoodic Point.
  • Skip the tours Boat tour tickets can add up fast. To save some coin, consider booking your water sport rentals, such as kayaks or paddleboards, or wait until low tide to cross the natural bridge that leads to Bar Island.  


Best Hotels Bar Harbor

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