Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage


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Our testers gave this suitcase high marks across the board. Initially, we loved the simplicity of the black bag. Once we opened it up, we appreciated the number of pockets to keep things organized, the built-in suiter, a TSA-friendly 3-1-1 bag for liquids, and compression straps. On two or four wheels, it also handled cobblestones quite well, practically gliding over smooth and rough surfaces as well.

Getting bashed with a baseball bat probably wasn’t part of TravelPro’s rigorous durability testing, but our bag held up well to our swings-in addition to the drops from a 5-foot ledge and an 8-foot ladder. Despite all that strain, there was almost no damage to the bag. It got a bit dirty during its time outside, but it was quickly brushed off.


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