Road Trips Tips with Kids

Road Trips Tips with Kids

Planning on a family road trip with kids requires knowing road trip tips with kids. Kids can get bored quickly when taking road trips, so good, trusted tips from travel experts are a must to know.

There is a big difference between travel now and then. It was ten or more years ago, and now we have portable technology to help our kids not be bored while traveling with their parents on long road trips.

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Planning and Preparing

Consider how long it will take to get to your destination and what routes you will take. After reviewing your travel route, look at the rest areas along the way to your destination. Some rest areas offer small gift shops and small eateries, but these places are expensive. Finally, consider boredom with your kids and how you will entertain them to keep them entertained and have a stress-free environment.

Planning and preparing ahead of time is essential to have an enjoyable and stress-free car ride with your kids. Something to consider is kids’ tablets, download YouTube for kids, and let them enjoy watching kids’ movies along the way. With tablets, you will need a data option turned on to connect tablets to the internet along the way.

As a recent truck driver, I turned on my mobile hotspot on my Verizon phone to connect my laptop to the internet. When traveling with my grandkids now, we download two movies on each of my grandkids’ tablets before leaving home to save hotspot data.

Amazon has tablets for less than a hundred dollars, I have two grandsons who use the Amazon Fire 7 tablet as it has a blue case for protection, and my granddaughter has a pink one, which is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Pro Tablet.

Getting Things Ready

We like to prepare things for the road trip at least a week before going, as our trips require shopping for supplies. In addition, you never know when you will get stuck in traffic because of a bad accident or weather conditions such as a winter storm.

The winter storm in Nevada in 2021 shut down Interstate 81, and we were stuck in our truck in a rest area, the only place that had an opening spot. I’m very thankful that before traveling from West Coast to East Coast, we went grocery shopping as we checked the weather app and saw we might get caught in a storm. You might be thinking, how come we did not wait to travel? When you work with FedX hauling pharmaceuticals, we must still move until the state’s close highways.

Make sure to buy a blanket for each person traveling, and you can find easy, lightweight blankets online and offline to wrap up in. If you purchase lightweight blankets, they will fold easily into small squares or rollups to not take up much space. Blankets are essential as you will not know how long you be stuck in traffic and might not have proper heat if a car runs out of gas.

Have food in the car that doesn’t require warming in the microwave or cooking, like canned meat, easy opening without using an electric can opener, snacks, and bottled water. We were thankful to have everything in our truck a bathroom, stovetop, microwave, beds, and more to keep us comfortable.

Prepare for Accidents

When traveling with kids, you never know when they will spill or drop food in the car. Keep a couple of your shopping bags or small gallon-size trash bags to put trash in. Keep wipes and paper towels in the car to clean up your kids after a spill accident.

When traveling with infants, like my granddaughter, who is still in pull-ups, we buy small scented trash bags to put the dirty pull-up in to keep odor away until the next stop to throw them away in the trash bin correctly.

First Aid Kit for Sickness or Accidents

Plenty of small first aid kits, like the Comprehensive First Aid Kit, are available on the market. We traveled with this one as sometimes we get hurt doing our job and can’t get the medical help needed right away.

We carry this first aid kit with us on hiking journeys in our backpacks as it is that light but life-saving. Have barf bags if traveling with someone you know will get sick from motion sickness. You can find plenty of barf bags on Amazon and receive them within 2 to 5 days, depending on the vendor you choose to buy from.

Discover places for your next road trip.

Credit Card Safety

Only a few travel tips about safety don’t include the possibility of theft of your credit card numbers. Therefore, I will discuss this with you from our experience with our FedEx card number being used.

We stopped for fuel outside the Chicago area, went on to our destination in Florida, and made the delivery. The next day we were loaded and heading to Washington State. We had to stop to get more fuel, but our card was declined. There should have been over 2,000 on that card, but it was all gone. We called this store and told them about the charges, and they needed to check their pumps to see if someone had a scanner or something stealing card numbers. They told us there was nothing they could do.

Next, we called the toll-free number and told them about this, they canceled our card and sent a new one, but it took almost three months to get our money back. We were very thankful that my parents lived in Florida, and they drove 2 hours to bring us 1,000 dollars to get our fuel in Cocoa Beach.

I recommend getting a prepaid card, like Chime, to load your money on. Here is how we use Chime when we travel, load funds on the chime card and then transfer the funds to savings right away. When you stop to get gas or food, transfer the money back to the checking account, but only the amount you need to make that purchase. This is done instantly through the Chime app and protects you from others stealing all your money.

Limit Technology Devices

When you get to your destination and need to stay indoors, pack two fun family games like board games or Jenga. It’s fun to interact with kids playing games instead of everyone being on technology devices. Need ideas for family games? Amazon has plenty of family games to give you ideas.

Our family’s favorite games to play are Jenga and Monopoly. I recommend finding these games that will come with an easy store-away bag that comes in handy when traveling.


Now that you have learned about road trip tips with kids, is this information helpful in planning your next trip? Do you recommend any more tips that need to be on this list? Leave your comments below, and you can even follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Road Trips Tips with Kids”

  1. This is a very thorough and insightful article! My family took long car trips many times a year when my sister and I were ages 2-12. Before the age of tablets and iPads, we had a cube portable TV with built-in VHS player and rented tapes of movies that could be returned at different locations country-wide. Another tip on the Limiting Technology front would be to find nice outdoor places along the trip that are a short detour, to get the kids playing outside and experiencing new destinations. We did that whenever we could growing up, visiting parks or friends in cities that were en-route to our destination, when we weren’t on a tight timeline. Thanks for the tip about the prepaid Chime card as well, I’ll be sure to think about that next time!

    1. Hello Sydney, yes outdoor activities along the way is an amazing tip to add to the list. Each city has its own parks and each one is different. My grand had never seen snow, when we traveled to New York during winter made sure they went to central park to play in the snow. 

  2. Traveling with kids can be fun and also stressful if you do not plan for it. Like you rightly said, they can get bored easily, they do not have endurance like adults. So you must know the route, how long it will take to get their and be ready to answer lots of questions. I always experience it with my sons. They are a great companion but I know I have to be prepared and also be patient 

  3. Awesome article, Jannette! I love that you included a tip on credit card safety. I remember hearing my dad talk about this issue which is why he always brings cash. The blanket tip is a must-follow as well. Just this summer, I was on a road trip in Canada and our van broke down. The alternator stopped working so we had to get towed to the nearest town. It just so happened that there were no hotel rooms available in the town! We ended up sleeping in our van for the night… Anyway, great tips!

    1. Hello Kevin,

      Yes, credit card safety is a must for me after experiencing the theft of all our money being taken off our debit card. Everywhere you go now, have to prepay for your gas and most travelers use to pay at the pump so they can avoid walking into the store and standing in line to pay for their gas. I prefer to pay at the pump, before inserting a credit card make sure the reader has not been tampered with. 

      When I first started driving for FedEx custom critical the alternator went out at the military base. We had to wait on a tow truck, and then sleep in the truck as there was no hotel close by. The mechanic that fixed it by replacing the alternator took their time, and we were cold as it was snowing. The blankets came in handy, as we couldn’t run the APU of the exhaust fumes being near the mechanics under our truck. 

  4. Hiya,

    Thanks for the informative artice. My kids are getting a bit bigger now so they are not such a pain whilst travelling, but they are at the prenager bickering stage which can be horrible.

    We find that downloading some good audio books that we can all listen to in the car is agreat way to stop the argumets and we still feel like we are all together rather than the kids just on their seperate devices,

    anyway, that’s one more tip for you,

    thanks again!


    1. Yes, as kids get older, especially with preteens they tend to bicker back and forth while on road trips which can be annoying. This is where the tablets come in maybe one little more storage and make sure to have headsets, as preteens like to listen to their music and ignore others. 

      Audiobooks are a good idea to keep kids entertained and not be annoying on road trips. 

  5. Hello there thanks for such an interesting article. I sure did grab some tips on traveling especially with the kids. I think the most important part of this is always being conscious of the kids. You might want to ensure that they are free from any form of accident through out the journey 

    1. Yes, when traveling with kids always carry first aid kids, wipes, paper towels, and that sort of stuff for any type of accident. Great tips. 

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