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The 15 Beautiful Waterfalls in USA

Waterfalls are magical by nature. A waterfall is an extraordinary natural wonder that must be experienced in person, whether you’re marveling at the grandeur of one of the USA waterfalls or simply taking in a babbling cascade on a hike.  

As a past traveler as a truck driver, I had the privilege of seeing the most beautiful waterfalls in the lower 48 states in the USA.

No matter where you live, you are guaranteed to be close to a bucket-list waterfall no matter where you live.  

#1 Multnomah Falls-Oregon 

Mighty Multnomah Falls is stunning; a sublime sensory experience. This 611-foot waterfall is truly in its league. Located on the Columba River Gorge in Oregon and the home of over 90 waterfalls, Multnomah truly is the most stunning no matter what time of year.

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#2 Thunderbird Falls – Alaska

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country can be found in Anchorage, Thunderbird Falls. Its waters are a striking cobalt blue in winter, set against a stark white landscape, complete with a waterfall rushing beneath a thick wall of ice.

#3 Winding Stair Gap – North Carolina

Most people would be pleased to see from a distance the wintertime transition of Winding Stair Gap, from a cascading waterfall to a solid sheet of heavy, ominous ice. However, this ice fall is an incredible challenge for those who live for adrenaline-pumping thrills. If you’re fortunate enough to go through Winding Stair Gap in Franklin while someone is scaling this ice sheet, you’ll be treated to another spectacular cold-weather performance. The massive falls there transform into something utterly wild and amazing each winter.

#4 Cumberland Falls – Kentucky

There isn’t much more gorgeous in the Bluegrass than the frozen Cumberland Falls, however, the most well-known waterfall in Kentucky is frequently overlooked after the temperature drops. This is a bold statement considering that Cumberland Falls is home to one of the planet’s only moonbows, yet witnessing these falls frozen in ice is truly, absolutely wondrous. The Niagara of the South is truly magnificent in the winter when its waters freeze in the middle of the season. Prepare to be completely mesmerized by Cumberland Falls when you visit during the coldest months of the year.

#5 Brandywine Falls – Ohio

In Ohio’s lone national park, Brandywine Falls is a breathtaking sight. The park’s most well-known attraction is undoubtedly the stunning 65-foot waterfall that gushes from Brandywine Creek. But other people are unaware of how Brandywine Falls changes into something even more amazing during Ohio’s harsh winters. The best reward for hiking the trails during the coldest months of the year is seeing these frozen falls firsthand; we guarantee you’ll be so fascinated by this breathtaking scene that you won’t even notice the bitterly cold weather.

#6 Snoqualmie Falls – Washington

One of the most well-liked natural landmarks in Washington State is Snoqualmie Falls. More than 1.5 million people visit the falls each year, and while the cascade in Washington is beautiful after a springtime downpour or when framed by fall foliage, Snoqualmie Falls is downright divine in the winter. This amazing cascade hangs in the air, caught in a fleeting, exquisite moment when the cold sweeps through the Pacific Northwest. In the Pacific Northwest, this doesn’t occur every day or even every winter. Pack your gear and head to this magnificent Washington waterfall when the weather turns chilly.

#7 Roughlock Falls – South Dakota

Frozen waterfalls aren’t among the many things the South Dakotan Badlands are renowned for. Most people haven’t been to Spearfish Canyon in the winter, when its 1,000-foot walls are covered in ice and snow, making for the best seasonal drive in the nation, but that’s only because they haven’t. The 19-mile Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway winds over imposing limestone palisades and is framed by several waterfalls that, during the deepest winter, literally freeze into glistening granite sheets. This winter paradise is unique due to the sparkling icicles and snow-covered trees. Consider taking a snowshoe trip to Roughlock Falls for the most immersive viewing of this breathtaking picture; we can almost guarantee that you won’t even feel the cold!

#8 Bridal Veil Falls – Utah

One of the most well-known waterfalls in Utah, as well as the Southwest, is Bridal Veil Falls. While most visitors to this Utah tourist attraction choose to visit during the warmer months, seeing the falls frozen in place is an unforgettable experience. This frozen waterfall has a certain allure because of the way the sun glints and reflects off the ice, the awe-inspiring silence, and the sheer size of it all. Having a height of 607 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent works of art.

#9 The Fang – Colorado

It can be challenging to distinguish yourself in a state known for its tremendous winter activities. But The Fang does exactly that—stand out. Those who believe waterfalls should only be enjoyed during the warmer months have never seen Colorado’s magnificent frozen falls. The Fang, a 165-foot-tall waterfall in Vail, is one of the most well-known winter destinations. The popularity of this cascade increases in the winter as adventurers relish the challenge of climbing this massive ice wall. The Fang is undoubtedly the best waterfall of all the amazing ones in Colorado.

#10 Glory Hole Falls – Arkansas

The Ozark National Forest in Arkansas is more than simply a sea of green. This vast area conceals some of the Midwest’s best waterfalls, including Glory Hole, of course. This waterfall is very different from anything you’ve ever seen; the water cascades in a round pattern through the rock rather than over it. The wonders don’t end there, either; throughout the winter, when the Natural State goes through a cold spell, this iconoclast of a waterfall freezes into an utterly breathtaking perfectly poised column.

#11 Minnehaha Falls – Minnesota

The Land of 10,000 Lakes could as well be known as the Land of the Waterfalls because Minnesota is positively brimming with stunning waterfalls, from the extremely well-known Gooseberry Falls in Two Harbors to the less well-known Winnewissa Falls in Pipestone. But only Minnehaha Falls, a 53-foot cascade that is the pinnacle of waterfalls, can be compared. Like all the other waterfalls in the state, this one in Minneapolis is stunning in the spring and summer, but in the winter, it has an unearthly beauty that will leave you breathless. But it’s well worth it, and it’s such a breathtaking sight that you might end up wanting to live forever in this actual “Frozen” fairy tale.

#12 Apostle Islands – Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands of Wisconsin are a fairy tale fantasy with sea caves, emerald-green pools, deserted beaches, and lighthouses that still signal across waters littered with the wrecks of old schooners. The Apostle Islands of Wisconsin are a collection of wild islands known as “The Apostles,” scattered like jewels in the icy blue waters of Lake Superior. Visitors must put up some effort to reach this pristine, secluded beauty, but their efforts will be richly repaid once they reach the islands. These untouched beaches and pools will give you the impression that you are on your very own private island getaway in the summer; in the winter, however, you will think that you have arrived on the frozen planet, Hoth. Apostle Islands are known for their glistening cavern walls, enormous icicles, cool blue waters, and suspended water.

#13 LaSalle Canyon – Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

In the winter, one of the Midwest’s most scenic locations is even more lovely. Outdoor enthusiasts can stroll along 13 miles of trails that are open year-round at Starved Rock State Park to witness the seasonal changes in the terrain. The bluffs and canyons have long been a magnet to the area. However, winter hikes in Starved Rock can result in surreal finds, like waterfalls suspended in ice, if you’re ready to bundle up and withstand the cold. And these aren’t little falls either; throughout the park, there are numerous magnificent cascades with heights ranging from 15 to 80 feet.

#14 Tahquamenon Falls – Michigan

Tahquamenon Falls in northern Michigan has long drawn tourists looking for waterfalls and thrill-seekers. One of the most beautiful falls in the nation, its distinctive brown color is caused by tannins absorbed from cedar and hemlock swamps. The tannins give the frozen falls a lovely and surprising splash of color in the winter, although this chemical reaction might veil the falls in the summer. In Michigan, there are a ton of ice falls, but Tahquamenon is the most approachable—and intriguing!

#15 Great Falls Park – Virginia and Maryland

There is a location that undergoes a complete transformation throughout the winter months on the boundary between Maryland and Virginia. 800 spectacular acres make up Great Falls Park, a picturesque and rugged section of the Potomac. When the temperature drops below freezing, the park’s little waterfalls and raging rapids become quiet as statues, encircled by shimmering gray granite and snow-dusted vegetation. Given how beautiful this winter wonderland is, you would never guess that it is only a short distance from the nation’s capital. Great Falls Park is a popular location for hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, and other thrilling outdoor activities. If you visit during the winter, you’ll fall in love with this stunning park.


There are hundreds of beautiful waterfalls in America, which made it difficult to choose just 15 of the beautiful waterfalls. One may be wondering why Niagra falls were not included in our list, this one can be viewed from the United States and Canada. 

Out of the ones that made our list mentioned above, which one is your favorite? 

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