When is it best to visit Orlando

When is it best to visit Orlando

When you travel to Orlando for vacation with family, everyone asks the question, “When is it best to visit Orlando?” There is no direct answer to this question, and I will explain the reason for this in further detail below to help you plan your next trip to Orlando. 

The Orlando Travel List to Consider

  • Traveling with Kids on School Breaks
  • Traveling while trying to avoid huge tourist lines
  • Traveling for holiday events
  • Traveling just for amusement parks

Traveling with Kids on School Breaks

When, your kids leave school for long periods like spring break, graduation celebrations, and summer breaks-you would like for them to have a good time. That is when you decide to go to Orlando and possibly visit the theme parks.

If you are traveling with kids, depending on when they are out of school for spring break, the best time to go is from the beginning of March until the end of April. 

If you are traveling during summer break or for a graduation party, the best time to visit is between May and the end of July. You can continue summer break until the end of August, as most schools start by the beginning of September. 

However, suppose you are traveling to Orlando with kids on school breaks. In that case, you will see that Orlando gets extremely busy, theme parks are hard to navigate, and long lines result in most travelers saying they need more time to enjoy everything. 

When is it best to visit Orlando

Traveling to avoid Huge Tourist Lines

You are traveling to Orlando to avoid huge tourist lines at attractions like Universal Studios or Walt Disney World! Then you’d have to go during the school days and avoid going during any breaks. 

During spring break and summer, the tourist lines at the attractions will be long, and you could miss out on enjoying everything. This also goes for additional attractions or activities nearby Orlando, like airboat tours. 

Traveling for Holiday Events

Orlando offers a lot of holiday events for travelers who like to visit during Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You can discover fun for everyone during the holidays at different theme parks in or around Orlando. 

One of our favorite holidays to travel to Orlando is Christmas, simply because there is a lot of celebration, and when traveling as a family, who wouldn’t enjoy Christmas? 

If you are a holiday traveler, check out the Orlando Events Calendar to see the upcoming events and book ahead of time to avoid sellouts. 

When Is The Best Time to Visit Orlando?

The best time to visit Orlando will depend on whether you want to avoid crowds, theme park traveling, holiday traveling, and the weather. 

As a family from Florida, we know it rarely gets cold in the winter. Most of the time, it rarely gets below 45 in the winter; however, during hurricane season, it could be challenging to predict which are the hot summer months. 

You never know in advance when a hurricane or tropical storm will come across Orlando in advance when booking your travel. When planning your trip and booking your event tickets to theme parks, ask them in advance about their refund policy on weather conditions if a hurricane or tropical storm should form while on vacation. This way, you will know what to do!

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