Why Visit Salt Lake City

Why Visit Salt Lake City

There is something mystical about Salt Lake City. Pioneers believed the area’s Great Salt Lake was inhabited by monsters and giants in the early 19th century. In 1847, Brigham Young decided to make Salt Lake the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The people who have spent time in Salt Lake will tell you that it is more than a place of great faith; it is also a thriving cultural hub and a great place to hike and ski.

During their visit to Temple Square, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, touring the beautiful religious sites. Even if you aren’t interested in Salt Lake’s heritage, it’s worth a visit just for the views. The Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges provide a stunning backdrop to the city skyline, while the Great Salt Lake provides an awe-inspiring view of the city.

Why Visit Salt Lake City

Visit during these months for the best results.

Salt Lake City is best visited between September and October. Because the kids are in school and the skiers have yet to arrive, you’ll have the city to yourself – and all its discounted hotel rooms. There are also bargains to be had in the spring, but soggy conditions can result from snowmelt and high precipitation levels. In winter, skiers flock to the area’s slopes, and in summer, outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the hiking trails and lake activities.

Salt Lake City Money Saving Tips

  • Ride the bus around downtown Salt Lake City for free with the Utah Transit Authority.
  • Ask about package deals. Salt Lake City hotels offer ski packages with discounts on room rates and lift tickets during the winter.
  • Temple Square hosts various free events, including organ recitals in the Tabernacle and concerts by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Where to eat

The food scene in Salt Lake City is more diverse than many visitors might expect, with cuisines to suit every palate. Whether you’re craving Mexican food or Italian, you’ll find it in Salt Lake City. Red Iguana has long been a highly regarded Mexican restaurant, earning rave reviews for its food and service since it opened in 1985. Meanwhile, burger lovers will enjoy a visit to Crown Burgers, a local chain founded in 1978 that offers a charbroiled quarter-pound patty with Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, and pastrami. For a more upscale dining experience, Valter’s Osteria is highly rated for its modern Italian cuisine, tableside service, and warm and welcoming staff. The locally sourced menu and inventive cocktails at HSL, an American restaurant that focuses on seasonal ingredients, are praised by critics and amateur foodies alike.

Try some of the state’s signature dishes when you’re out and about. Navajo tacos, made with fry bread instead of tortillas, and fry sauce are local favorites. This Utah condiment – which tastes similar to Thousand Island dressing – is made with ketchup, lemon juice, eggs, and some secret ingredients. You’ll find every establishment has its take on these local classics.

How to Get Around Salt Lake City

A car or public transportation is the best way to get around Salt Lake City. The Utah Transit Authority offers several affordable options for getting around. To get out of town to the nearby ski and wilderness areas, you’ll need your vehicle. You can rent a car in the city or at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), about six miles from downtown. Taxis cost between $25 and $30 from the airport to downtown.

Best Hotels Salt Lake City

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Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City is #2 On Our Best Hotel Salt Lake City List. 

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  1. I came looking for a traveler website and I finally found your website. Your website sounds very interesting. You have mentioned everything when to visit and the booking too. The thing is that I always wanted to visit there on a favourite time and I finally got it. You have mentioned that things are very wonder during September and October month. So I m definitely planning to visit you on that month. Thank you for your wonderful article on salt lake city.  

    1. I have visited Salt Lake City many times and planned my trip around each season to see what all the City offers each season. I find Salt Lake City is a good place to enjoy the city culture and relax with your family or friends. 

  2. I would like to visit salt lake city because you have pointed out that you can do it budged as you listed the money-saving tips. I can see that they offer food for every budget which is a bonus.  I can also see that Taxies are not too expensive to get downtown.  

    I have also checked out the hotel accommodation you succeeded in, some hotels offer discounts which is a good thing.

    Thank You For Sharing 


    1. Ingrid Salt Lake City offers restaurants and hotels for people to visit on a tight budget. Would have listed more but they were not the best. Hotels not in a good part of town and looked run down, restaurants does not look clean. Which this can occur in any city, and need to research before making a selection where we rest and eat. 

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